Program in English
A historical reenactment festival of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania


“...and contrived our Lord to build a stone keep castle...”

29th of September 2012




13:00    Opening of the event “Restore the Glory of Lithuania to the Stronghold!”.
Rite of fire (“KŪLGRINDA”).
13:00-19:00   Introduction of 13-15th c. Grand Duchy of Lithuania crafts in the castle town (“Dvaro meistrai” and the free craftsmen).
13:00-19:00   Introduction to 13-14th c. GDL, its neighbours and enemies weaponry in the warrior camps.
13:30    Concert: “A Hymns to Lord Gediminas” (“KŪLGRINDA”).
14:00    14th c. GDL warriors: introduction to their weaponry and armour (Brotherhood of ancient Baltic warfare “Vilkatlakai” and the free mercenaries from GDL lands).  
14:15    Introduction to 15th c. Western Europe’s knighthood weaponry and armour.
14:30    “...and they spread over the land in small bands, and slaughtered, burned and pillaged...”: warrior fights in groups. Assault of the castle tower.
15:00    The hunter’s pentathlon: “What links the hunter and the prey?” (“Kovarnis”, Tauras).
16:00    Concert: “All the nobles ride to Ryga, beckoning our brothers to join” (“Vaiguva”).
17:00    “...and the Lord called forth the valiant for the games and took their weapons – to protect their vitality...”: unarmed team competitions.
18:00    Concert: “Neighs the steed in the stable” (“UGNIAVIJAS”).
18:30    Tournament of mounted warriors “GDL riders: from Vilnelė river to the Black sea“.
19:00    “They worshiped Ragutis – the god of beer, mead and festivity.”: Relishment of beer (Sambarės). Best beer competition – One’s own beer is closer to the heart!
20:30    “From then on the heathens, assaulted day and night, couldn’t catch their breath, but, to the misfortune of the Christians, they fought back valiantly…”: The Great fight of the evening. The battle between the armies of GDL and the Teutonic Order.
21:00    Closing of the festival:  “... and joyful they quickly rode back to the king, and celebrated their victory, and offered the blood of an aurochs to the Gods and sacrificed one of the knights, throwing him into the fire!“

A new museum exhibition in the castle donjon(tower) will await visitors:

1 hall (dungeon)- “Lithuania‘s stone castles”, where introduced are: Vilnius castle complex, Kaunas castle, Medininkai castle, Trakai peninsula and isle castles. Archaeological finds: bricks, construction material remains and etc. In the centre of the hall: stone cannonballs, cannons.
2 hall (Ground floor) “Lithuania‘s warfare” 14-18th c.  
3 hall (First floor) “Lithuania’s silver” 10-20th c.
4 hall (Second floor) Hunting trophies and knifes collection of Mr. President A. M. Brazauskas.

Tickets for the entrance to the castle (at the time of the festival as well) will cost: 6 lt and 3 lt (preferential)